Teeth Whitening

Are you dreaming of a sparkling white smile?
Many factors such as smoking, coffee, tea, soft drinks, alcohol, drugs/medications, and some types of food can stain your teeth and cause their discoloration. Teeth whitening a simple but effective treatment for this problem, it involves removal of stains and debris from the surface followed by a bleaching process that uses a peroxide-based compound. During the procedure, gums and lips are isolated with a protective material to prevent any potential damage to these tissues. Results are visible immediately after the whitening process and vary from patient to another depending on the natural color of their teeth (yellow hued teeth will have the best results). Excellent oral hygiene practices and regular whitening maintenance as once a year will help you maintain your whiter smile. Teeth whitening might not be suitable for teeth with internal staining, discoloration from developmental conditions or that have been root canalled. And it is to be avoided by patients with hypersensitive teeth. Better treatment options such as veneers are available for such cases.